Release Management Checklist

Implement and document your change control practices in a Release Management Checklist

Why use a Release Management Checklist?

The Release Management Checklist ensures key pre-release activities are performed that align to the Change Management Policy. This ensures each stakeholder group are informed, engaged in the right way, and changes go through the right steps to ensure they are effective and approved prior to release.

How to implement your Checklist: 

Confluence: Page templates include “ITSM change management” for a general release management plan.

Knowledge Hub Software: Track the templates and completed release management checklists with links to related documentation and resources.


An example Release Management Checklist is below.





Product Management

Backlog and sprint plan agreed




User stories defined




Acceptance criteria defined




Release plan agreed





Design work




Design work review








Peer review




Unit testing




Development team sign off





QA Plan and tests defined




Testing complete




Bugs logged




Defect resolution plan agreed




All defects resolved or signed off




QA team approval




Services & Internal Operations

Impact assessment completed




Impacted users advanced notification




User guides, training materials updated




Internal system documentation updated




Communications plan agreed




Internal teams notified, trained




Release Management

All changes tested and approved




Roll-back plan defined




Operations team approval




Released to production




Release notes sent




Post-implementation verification