System description generator

How to generate your system description in 30 minutes


In August 2022, we released our system description generator. Our clients typically spend several hours, often days or weeks, preparing the descriptions for their final report. This includes a company overview, their detailed system scope, end-user information and details of the processes in scope. Our generator greatly simplifies this process by prompting you on what's relevant you, and allowing you to select pre-built components to take away the guesswork and onerous nature of preparing the description.


Steps to generate your system description

Step 1: Start in our Readiness Assessment software

Step 2: Populate your company details and select the standards we are reporting on.

Step 3: Select the "Skip to Policy Generator and System Description" option at the bottom.

Step 4: Select the processes and systems in scope and add the details accurately. These will influence the design of the description as well as the details populated.

Step 5: We will set up your access to complete the remainder. We have this step to protect our IP as this is reserved for our customers. We offer our other readiness features for free.

Step 6: Complete the remaining details about your company, systems and processes. These details can all be adjusted in the output report.

Step 7: Your report is generated and you can download it. We recommend you review and update it before confirming to us it's ready to form part of the final report.