Exit Checklist (Offboarding Checklist)

AL Refs: RNR08, AMG05, ACL12


The offboarding checklist ensures key steps are followed for terminated employees, including access removal. This supports the information security, compliance, ensuring an efficient and effective process of offboarding.

Example Offboarding Checklist

Details/Date Completed
Employment Details
Employee Name
Last day
Hiring Manager
Resignation received
Informed SLT and teams
Advised customer contacts
Handover meeting(s)
Exit interview
Cancel expense card
Calculate final payroll
Remove from payroll
Remove from HR system
Update org chart
IT Administrator
Revoke Google Workspace access and forward emails, transfer documents  
Developer access revoked (AWS and Github)

1Password revoked


Office365 revoked


Trello revoked


Hubspot revoked


ClickUp revoked


Slack revoked

Laptop returned
IT equipment returned
Access card returned
Remove from distribution lists
Hiring Manager
All tasks completed
Employee Declaration
I, {Employee Name}, confirm that:
  1. I understand my ongoing confidentiality commitments to AssuranceLab and will not disclose any confidential information that I am aware of from working in my role at AssuranceLab. This includes AssuranceLab's intellectual property, operating practices, service offering, client information, audit practices, product designs and any other information about AssuranceLab that is not publicly available.
  2. I have returned or destroyed all confidential documents that I have had access to during my role with AssuranceLab.
  3. I confirm that if I come into contact with any confidential documents of AssuranceLab subsequent to my departure from AssuranceLab, I will make AssuranceLab aware of this and return or destroy those confidential documents immediately.
  4. I confirm that no AssuranceLab documents, information or data has been shared with any other third-party, except where authorised by management or appropriate in the course of the role with AssuranceLab while employed. AND
  5. I understand and agree to abide by the terms of the Non-Compete clause detailed in my employment contract with AssuranceLab, that for the following 12 months I may not solicit, entice away, or otherwise undermine the relationship of any clients, employees or other stakeholders of AssuranceLab.
Date of confirmation